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Verse anthem voicings

I'm pondering whether this is the best hierarchy for verse anthem voicings and tentatively creating a few new subcategories. Sorting at present seems to follow S,A,C,T,Br,B, so SS, SA, AA...BB should be 7, 8, 9...27, SSS...BBB would be 28...49, SSSS...SATB would be 50...69 (I _think_...) but only for as long as we dont start using Mezzo.

This still doesn't quite solve the question about how to multi-search choruses and soloists: The Creation (Franz Joseph Haydn) should have the categories SATB, then Solo Soprano, Solo Tenor, Solo Bass (each with a self-contained aria), plus Solo STB for the trios and Choral SATB soli for the few measures that require an alto or mezzo who has no exposed singing to do. It will then turn up on a search by someone with a budget for only three soloists only because of the self contained trios, but what additional category should be applied if this were not the case? Messiah calls for SATB (and once SSATB), Solo S, A, T, B and AT. Should it be listed in a Solo SATB search? It doesn't have a quartet, but neither will the arias usually be sung by non-virtuosi 'choral soloists'. Richard Mix 19:05, 3 March 2012 (CST)