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This page is a stub. Please feel free to add undisputed standards here. Useful comments may be placed on the talk page.

This page will (eventually) detail the style of all the different types of pages on CPDL. It should be regarded as guidance only, though the majority of pages will conform to these standards.

Score pages

Score pages usually contain 4 elements in the following order:

  1. A legend of score icons and edition(s) of the work in question
  2. General information about the work
  3. Text and translation(s), a link to a CPDL page that contains them, or Template:NoText
  4. Categories

All editions of the same work should be listed on the same score page, including transpositions from the original pitch and minor arrangements. Major arrangements should be listed on separate score pages. All movements of masses and requiem masses should be listed on the same page under the appropriate subtitles.

1. Music files

The legend template appears immediately below the title "Music files". After this, edition(s) of the work are listed in reverse chronological order of the date they were added to the archive. The editions may be split into Each entry includes the following information:

  • The unique CPDL number,
  • icon(s) which link to image and other files of the edition,
  • the editor's or editors' name(s) with a link to their user page(s),
  • the date that the edition was added to the archive,
  • the score information including: paper size, number of pages and size of the image file in kilobytes
  • the copyright license that the work has been released under (with a link to the page which details the license)
  • any details of the edition such as if it has a keyboard reduction of the a cappella score, a keyboard version of the original accompaniment, any information about the file formats, any errors in the edition.

2. General information

The following fields are present in the following order:

  • Title of the work including the opus or other catalogue number
  • Composer's name with a link to the composer page
  • Lyricist's name or Source of lyrics with a link to the lyricist page (optional)
  • Number of voices and the details of that voicing
  • Genre (Secular or Sacred) and sub-genre of the work (see ChoralWiki:Music Subcategories for a list)
  • Language(s) of the text of the work
  • Instruments that the work includes (if there are none, this line should read "a cappella"
  • Description of the work which may include a critical commentary, details of its origin and performance suggestions.
  • External websites which directly relate to the work. The links should be formatted as a bulleted list.

3. Text and translations

There are three possibilities for the content of this section:

  1. {{NoText}}
  2. {{Text|<language>}} followed by the text of the work or
  3. {{LinkText|<text page>}}

For longer works, the text for a part of the work may be included on the page with a link to a text page for another part of the work.

Translations are also included in this section, using {{Translation|<language>}}.

4. Categories

All score pages should be categorized with the following categories:

Sacred music may also be categorized by sacred season. Other categories added to the page by templates (rather than manually) include:

Composer pages

Lyricist pages

Hymn tune pages

Text pages


Publication pages


User pages