Farewell! A sad, a long farewell

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General information

This is a hymn by an anonymous author, before 1790. There are several versions. Meter is 88. 88 (L.M.).

Settings by composers

Text and translations

English.png English text

Samuel Holyoke, Harmonia Americana, 1791

1. Farewell! a sad, a long farewell,
To this pale clay, whose life hath fled,
Resign it back to kindred dust,
Till the last trump awake the dead.

2. Adieu, thou dear departing soul,
Thou goest from hence to Christ above;
There to partake of endless bliss,
And celebrate redeeming love.

3. We mourn thy sudden, swift remove,
From each, and all enjoyments here;
When Christ commands, we must obey,
Without a murmur or a tear.

4. Submitting to thy sovereign will,
Let us be silent, and adore,
The God, who hath created all,
And all shall rule forever more.


Abner Kneeland, Hymns Composed, 1808

1. Farewell! a sad and long farewell
To this pale clay, whose spirit's fled!
We now resign it to the grave,
The house appointed for the dead!

2. Adieu! thou dear departed soul!
Now gone from earth to heaven above,
Where streams of pleasure ever roll,
To drink full drafts of heavenly love.

3. We mourn the absence of our friend
From all enjoyments here below;
O, dearest Lord! some comforts send,
To mingle with the tears that flow.

4. Submitting to thy gracious will,
May we be silent, and adore
The God of grace whose blessings still
Flow down to us for evermore.

Farewell! farewell! our loving friend, farewell!


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