Nicolas Gombert

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Born: c. 1495?

Died: c. 1560 (between 1556 and 1561)

Gombert is first documented as singer in Emperor Charles V’s chapel from 1526.

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List of choral works

These include 10 masses, 8 magnificats, 160 motets (a number dubious or mistaken attributions) ~70 Chansons.

Sacred Music

Secular Music

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Besides many anthologies:

  • Musica quatuor vocum (vulgo motecta nuncupatur) … liber primus (Venice, 1539)
  • Musica … (vulgo motecta quinque vocum nuncupata) … liber primus (Venice, 1539)
  • Motectorum … liber secundus, quatuor vocum (Venice, 1541)
  • Motectorum quinque vocum … liber secundus (Venice, 1541)
  • Canticum Beatae Mariae Virginis (1552) at the Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP)

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