Request:Praise God in His Holy Place (Colin Mawby)

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Title: Praise God in His Holy Place

Composer: Colin Mawby

Date of request: 2002-06-06

Requested by: Alexander Hobbs

Additional notes: Based on Psalm 150. Featured in Midnight Mass 2001 at Westminster Cathedral (RC).

Note: Alexander Hobbs created this request without supplying a composer name ("unknown"). In my search I found that Colin Mawby is the only composer to have a strong connection with the Westminster Cathedral and his Psalm 150 has been performed there at least once before 2001, in a Midnight Mass too, as stated here. He's still alive, so this setting is probably still under copyright. The score is available for sale here, where one can also hear an excerpt of the music. —Carlos Email.gif 16:56, 4 September 2008 (PDT)

Status: Requested