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I've played around a bit with SortWorks and made some redundant listings of Hymns & Votive antiphons, which I thought might be cured by adding the following line: ===Motets & other=== {{#SortWorks:&&!Office hymns&&!Evening Canticles&&!Votive antiphons|cols=2}} Obviously I need to learn more, but where is the documentation for #SortWorks? Richard Mix (talk) 22:30, 23 April 2016 (UTC)

Hi, Richard. The Help page for SortWorks can be found here: I agree with you that Motets is a much overused category. HOwever, in the early stages of the site, I think a lot of things were originally classified as Motets because there weren't many other categories to choose from. One way round this would be to delete Motets on the works page where there is also another category listed, like Votive Antiphons. Then the work will only appear once under <>{{#SortWorks:Votive antiphons}}<>. Another way would be to exclude works that were both Motets and Votive antiphons from the motet list. <>{{#SortWorks:Motets&&!Votive antiphons}}<>

One problem with the original version is that it had the risk of missing new additions if the categories were not exclusive and exhaustive. Thus, if things were either in a Sacred list or a Secular list, there were no holes for a new work to fall through. However, once one started adding subcategories like Masses, there wasn't a way to list items that were Sacred but not a Mass automatically. The &&! addition gets over this, which is why I've taken to adding a catchall category at the end. In the Soriano case, this looks like <>{{#SortWorks:&&!Motets&&!Evening Canticles&&!Votive antiphons&&!Office hymns}}<> There is (apparently) no limit to the length of the exclusion list so, if a new category list is added, all that needs to be done is to add that category to the exclusion list. If one forgets, the works in the new category will also be listed under the other works heading, so that's a useful reminder.

Incidentally, the risk of new works falling through the holes seems to be less that the risk of old works never having been added to the composer page in the first place. My record so far is 21, (Wilbye madrigals, as I recall) and, embarrassingly, one of the missing ones was uploaded by a bloke called James Gibb!

I think we are still at the experimenting stage though, for the 2000 or so composers which do not have complicated pages, the job is largely complete. Max is to be congratulated for an excellent piece of programming. Jamesgibb (talk) 11:12, 24 April 2016 (UTC)