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'''Editors / Compilers:''' [[Lionel Dakers]] and [[John Scott]]
'''Editors / Compilers:''' [[Lionel Dakers]] and [[John Scott]]
'''Publisher:''' [https://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/f/for-choirs-collections-forch/?cc=gb&lang=en&prevNumResPerPage=20&prevSortField=1&sortField=1&resultsPerPage=60&start=0 Oxford University Press], Oxford, England
'''Publisher:''' [https://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/f/for-choirs-collections-forch/ Oxford University Press], Oxford, England
'''Level:''' easy to moderately difficult
'''Level:''' easy to moderately difficult
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:'''ISBN-13:''' 978-0-19-353111-6  
:'''ISBN-13:''' 978-0-19-353111-6  
:([https://global.oup.com/academic/product/ash-wednesday-to-easter-for-choirs-9780193531116?lang=en&cc=gb webpage for purchase])
:([https://global.oup.com/academic/product/ash-wednesday-to-easter-for-choirs-9780193531116 webpage for purchase])
:{{PubDatePlace|1998| 10 December , Oxford University Press, Oxford, England| }}
:{{PubDatePlace|1998| 10 December , Oxford University Press, Oxford, England| }}
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:'''ISBN-13:''' 978-0-19-335577-4
:'''ISBN-13:''' 978-0-19-335577-4
:([https://global.oup.com/academic/product/ash-wednesday-to-easter-for-choirs-9780193355774?lang=en&cc=gb webpage for purchase])
:([https://global.oup.com/academic/product/ash-wednesday-to-easter-for-choirs-9780193355774 webpage for purchase])
:{{PubDatePlace|2006| 06 April, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England| }}
:{{PubDatePlace|2006| 06 April, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England| }}

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General information

OUP's choral publishing is admired worldwide and includes an impressive collection of anthologies for every type of choir. These volumes include all the vital standard repertoire plus less well-known works and have become indispensable to singers worldwide.

The editors have selected a richly varied collection of sacred pieces for this period of the Church's year, always bearing in mind practical considerations and liturgical needs. Pieces are presented in order according to the Church's calendar, moving from Ash Wednesday and Lent, through Passiontide and Palm Sunday, to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Eve, and Easter itself. The best of the standard repertoire is included alongside fine, less familiar, works. Ranging widely from the sixteenth century to the present day, this is a complete and practical collection for church choirs of all sizes and levels of ability.

Title: Ash Wednesday to Easter for Choirs

Series: …for Choirs Collections

Editors / Compilers: Lionel Dakers and John Scott

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Level: easy to moderately difficult

Price: £16.50 - Paperback edition (As at 04/12/2019)

ISBN-13: 978-0-19-353111-6
(webpage for purchase)
Publication date and place: 1998 10 December , Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Price: £20.95 - Spiral bound edition (As at 04/12/2019)

ISBN-13: 978-0-19-335577-4
(webpage for purchase)
Publication date and place: 2006 06 April, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Voicing of works: SATB accompanied & unaccompanied


Tip: Titles in the left column which appear in blue are hyperlinks to the score page on CPDL - click on them for free editions.

Note: This listing is of the original publication, published 1998. Future editions may vary in their contents.

Title Composer
Ash Wednesday and Lent
1 Lent Prose Gregorian
2 Civitas sancti tui` William Byrd
3 Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake Richard Farrant / John Hilton the younger
4 The Litany (BCP) Henry Loosemore
5 The Litany Philip Marshall
5 Peccantem me quotidie Cristóbal de Morales
7 Agnus Dei Thomas Morley
8 Like as the hart Noel Rawsthorne
9 Drop, drop, slow tears William Walton
10 Wash me throughly Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Good Friday / Passiontide
11 Christus factus est Felice Anerio
12 The Lamentations of Jeremiah Edward Bairstow
13 Jesu, grant me this, I pray Edward Bairstow Orlando Gibbons
14 God so loved the world Bob Chilcott
15 Ecce quomodo moritur justus Colin Hand
16 Adoramus te, Christe Orlando di Lasso
17 God so loved the world John Stainer
Palm Sunday
18 The Feast of Palms Alan Bullard
19 Hosianna dem Sohne Davids Bartholomeus Gesius
20 Hosanna to the Son of David Arthur Hutchings
21 Ride on Grayston Ives
22 Ingrediente Domino George Malcolm
23 Pueri Hebraeorum Tomás Luis de Victoria
Maundy Thursday
24 In the heart where love is abiding arr. John Barnard
25 (a) Pange lingua (b) Of the glorious Body telling Anton Bruckner
26 Tantum ergo Déodat de Séverac
27 Ave verum Flor Peeters
28 A new commandment Richard Shephard
29 Sing, my tongue Richard Shephard
Good Friday
30 In the departure of the Lord John Bull
31 Were you there? Bob Chilcott
32 O vos omnes Giovanni Croce
33 O mortal man (arr.) John Scott
34 Crux fidelis John IV of Portugal
35 Eheu sustulerunt Thomas Morley
36 The Reproaches John Sanders
37 Popule meus Tomás Luis de Victoria
38 Alleluia, Christus surrexit Felice Anerio
39 Psalm 114 Edward Bairstow
40 Joy is come! (arr.) Andrew Carter
41 Light of the World Edward Elgar
42 Most glorious Lord of life William H. Harris
43 This joyful Eastertide (arr.) Philip Ledger
44 Now the green blade riseth (arr.) Simon Lindley
45 Christ the Lord is risen again! John Rutter
46 Surrexit Christus hodie Samuel Scheidt
47 Easter Anthems John Scott
48 I saw water (Vidi aquam) John Scott
49 The Easter Song of Praise Richard Shephard
50 Ye choirs of new Jerusalem Charles Villiers Stanford
51 O sons and daughters Henry Walford Davies
52 He is risen Percy Whitlock