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'''Editors / Compilers:''' [[Malcolm Archer]] and [[John Scott]]
'''Editors / Compilers:''' [[Malcolm Archer]] and [[John Scott]]
'''Publisher:''' [https://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/f/for-choirs-collections-forch/?cc=gb&lang=en&prevNumResPerPage=20&prevSortField=1&sortField=1&resultsPerPage=60&start=0 Oxford University Press], Oxford, England
'''Publisher:''' [https://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/f/for-choirs-collections-forch/ Oxford University Press], Oxford, England
'''Level:''' easy to moderately difficult
'''Level:''' easy to moderately difficult
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:'''ISBN-13:''' 978-0-19-353026-3  
:'''ISBN-13:''' 978-0-19-353026-3  
:([https://global.oup.com/academic/product/epiphany-to-all-saints-for-choirs-9780193530263?lang=en&cc=gb webpage for purchase])
:([https://global.oup.com/academic/product/epiphany-to-all-saints-for-choirs-9780193530263 webpage for purchase])
:{{PubDatePlace|2004| 04 November, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England| }}
:{{PubDatePlace|2004| 04 November, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England| }}

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General information

OUP's choral publishing is admired worldwide and includes an impressive collection of anthologies for every type of choir. These volumes include all the vital standard repertoire plus less well-known works and have become indispensible to singers worldwide.

A uniquely accessible and comprehensive resource for use in church services and concerts throughout the Church's year. The volume's 50 SATB pieces, both accompanied and unaccompanied, are suitable choirs of all sizes and abilities.

Provides an excellent choice of pieces for the Principal Feasts champions new, approachable, and unjustly neglected repertoire spanning all periods and traditions, whilst avoiding widely available or difficult music includes many previously unpublished or newly commissioned anthems, arrangements, and editions by important composers and church musicians contains useful musical and liturgical introductions in addition to full indexes, glossaries of additional uses for the repertoire, and listings of other suitable pieces not included in the book

Title: Epiphany to All Saints for Choirs

Series: …for Choirs Collections

Editors / Compilers: Malcolm Archer and John Scott

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Level: easy to moderately difficult

Price: £16.50 - Paperback edition (As at 04/12/2019)

ISBN-13: 978-0-19-353026-3
(webpage for purchase)
Publication date and place: 2004 04 November, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Price: £20.95 - Spiral bound edition (As at 04/12/2019)

ISBN-13: 978-0-19-335580-4
(webpage for purchase)
Publication date and place: 2006 29 June, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Voicing of works: SATB accompanied & unaccompanied


1 - Arise, Shine O Jerusalem Palestrina arr. Jackson Moore
2 - Behold the Lord, the ruler is come Palestrina arr. Jackson Moore
3 - Bethlehem, of noblest cities Archer
4 - Brightest and best of the sons of the morning Archer
5 - It was a star Skempton
6 - Lo! star-led chiefs Crotch organ trans. Scott
7 - Magi veniunt ab oriente Clemens non Papa ed. Morris
8 - Surge Illuminare Williams
9 - The Journey Lole
10 - Tribus miraculis Marenzio ed. Morris
11 - Hodie beata Virgo Byrd
12 - Maria das Jungfräuelein Eccard
13 - Nunc Dimittis Moore
14 - Nunc Dimittis Tallis ed. Rice
15 - Phos Hilaron Flood
16 - Prayer for the blessing of light Archer
17 - Angelus ad Virginem Anonymous arr. Scott Archer
18 - Ave Maria Elgar
19 - Ave Maris Stella Crump
20 - Dixit Maria Hassler ed. Rutter
21 - Hail! Blessed Virgin Mary Wood arr.
22 - Ne timeas Maria Victoria
23 - Nova! nova! Scott
24 - Ascendens Christus Handl
25 - Hail the day that sees him rise Bullard
26 - He that descended Amner ed. Greening
27 - Miserere Bingham
28 - O God, the King of glory Purcell ed. Wood
29 - The Lord ascendeth up on high Praetorius
30 - Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost Lloyd
31 - Holy Spirit, ever dwelling Howells
32 - Holy Spirit, truth divine Carter
33 - If ye love me Ledger
34 - O Spirit all-embracing Martinson
35 - Come, Holy Ghost Gibbons
36 - Spiritus intus alit Ferguson
37 - Veni creator Spiritus Gregorian trans. Scott Archer
38 - Holy Ghost Gregorian harm. Scott
39 - Veni Sancte Spiritus Gregorian harm. Scott Archer
40 - Come, thou Holy Spirit Gregorian arr. Scott
41 - As truly as God is our Father Mathias
42 - Laus Trinitati Hildegard ed. Morris
43 - Oculi omnium Wood
44 - O trinity, most blessed light Archer
45 - The Cherubic Hymn Rachmaninov
46 - With all our hearts Tallis ed. Milson
47 - Beati mundo corde Byrd ed. Morris
48 - For all the Saints Vaughan Williams arr. Ley
49 - Glorious in Heaven Whitlock
50 - O King all glorious Willan
51 - O quam gloriosum est regnum Vaet ed. Morris
52 - O what their joy and their glory must be Harris