Request:Hymnus an den Heiligen Geist, D948 (1828) (Franz Schubert)

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Title: Hymnus an den Heiligen Geist, D948 (1828)

Composer: Franz Schubert

Date of request: 2004-02-17

Requested by: Ginny Siggia

Additional notes: This is a piece for TTBB chorus or soloists. It is published by Carus (Germany) but I don't know whether it is subject to a US copyright; there doesn't seem to be another published version. This is a sublime piece and I remember it from a college choir concert more than 30 years ago, and haven't heard it performed since. It was on that program as 'Komm, Heilger Geist' which is the secondary title in the Carus listing. I also remember it being sung a cappella but the Carus listing shows instruments. Perhaps if it is copyright bound, you could publish an a cappella version and hence make it public domain?

Status: Requested